About Us

Spots 2nd Spot is located in the Brewerytown section of Philadelphia. Easy access by trolley and bus lines. Our address is 2737 West Girard Avenue, there is plenty of metered parking available. Our goal is to enrich your pets life with high quality products from diets to shampoos. It has been scientifically proven that what we feed our pets has a direct link to the dogs overall health, performance and coat condition. We provide Philadelphia with some of the best NATURAL manufactured diets on the market today. Spots 2nd Spot has taken Natural Diets to a new level with weekly and daily specials of homemade pet foods and treats. Fresh and Frozen Raw products will also be available in our deli and butcher sections. Chicken Backs, Tripe, Turkey Necks are just a few delicacies found in our market place. Our pets also need stimulation to be mentally healthy Spots Second Spot offers a wide variety of toys and NATURAL treats to help stimulate good behavior from your four legged friends.

Coming in the Spring of 2012 Spots Bed and Biscuit will join Spots 2nd Spot. A comfy home away from home. Our outreach program will have plenty of educational events free to the pet loving community. Because the multi-media has become such a intricate part of our lives. Spots Second Spot wants to support Philadelphia's Pet Community with a place where ideas and advice can be shared. Please take a moment and join our message board. It is our hope that we as a community can work together in helping our pet population. Please read our blog, it will have informative information regarding training and nutrition.